Upcoming Expeditions for 2021

We have a number of exciting Expeditions planned for this coming year!


2021 Valley of the Headless Men Expedition- July 9th-19th. (Located in the Nahanni National Park in the Northwest Territories of Canada).

"The 200 Mile gorge has become infamous, due to a number of gruesome deaths and many disappearances, earning itself the eerie name, The Valley of the Headless Men.

Anomalies first began in 1908, when the Macleod Brothers came prospecting for gold in the valley. Nothing was heard or seen of the brothers for a whole year, until their decapitated bodies were found near a river. Nine years later, the Swiss prospector Martin Jorgenson was next to succumb to the Valley, when his headless corpse was found. In 1945, a miner from Ontario was found in his sleeping bag with his head cut from his shoulders. While skeptics of an unknown power at work in the Valley would put the grizzly mutilations down to feuding gold prospectors or hostile Indians, there are other strange happenings in the area which add to the valleys mysteriousness. The fiercely renowned Naha tribe simply vanished from the area a few years prior to the first deaths. Other Indians of the area have avoided the Valley for centuries, claiming an unknown evil haunts it.

Many parts of the valley remain unexplored, and there are tales the Valley holds an entrance to the Hollow earth. Others believe the Valley is home to a lost world, with lush greenery and a tropical climate, due to the hot springs generating warm air, as well as untapped goldmines and wandering sasquatches." (the preceding text obtained from https://listverse.com/2010/09/25/top-10-lesser-known-mysteries/)

2021 Prince of Wales Island Alaska Expedition and Film Shoot.  August 20th-25th.

There have been a great number of sightings on Prince of Wales Island and the surrounding area over the past several years and we are very excited about this trip!  We believe it offers a tremendous opportunity for a possible encounter with Bigfoot.

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