Please familiarize yourself with Extreme Expeditions Northwest, LLC Expedition  terms & conditions.



The cost of participating in an Extreme Expeditions Northwest, LLC event is called a “Sponsorship”.  The Sponsorship is subject to change without notice.  Extreme Expeditions Northwest, LLC cannot guarantee your space on an Expedition until a completed Event Registration form has been received along with a $1500.00 Registration fee.

Your Sponsorship covers basic costs, Expedition gear, meals, lodging during the expedition and transportation from the Expedition Assembly Point and back upon completion of the Expedition.

The Sponsorship does not cover your travel costs to the designated assembly point, costs incurred before or after the expedition, or the cost of passports, visas, and vaccinations.  In some cases, additional costs may exist, so please check with Extreme Expeditions Northwest, LLC if you have any questions.


Your space on the Expedition will be reserved upon receipt of a completed Event Registration Form and a $1500.00 U.S.D. refundable deposit, except when you sign up 14 days or less from the expedition start date, at which time full nonrefundable payment is required. Once payment is received along with a completed Event Registration Form, you will then receive an email confirming your reservation on the expedition.  This email will also outline the next steps in your preparation to join the Expedition Team and when your final payment is due (if you have not already paid in full).

Final acceptance onto the Expedition Team is contingent upon Extreme Expeditions Northwest, LLC receiving and approving your completed Event Registration Form.  If for some reason your are not approved to join the Expedition Team you will be promptly notified by email and your reservation deposit shall be refunded to you.

Final Payment

If you have made a deposit, your final payment is due 14 days before the expedition start date. Please refer to your confirmation email for the specific date on which the final payment is due. If you have not paid in full by this date, Extreme Expeditions Northwest, LLC reserves the right to cancel your place on the Expedition and your $1500.00 Event Registration Deposit will become nonrefundable and will be retained by Extreme Expeditions Northwest, LLC.

Note: If you register online within 21 days of your expedition start date, the full sponsorship amount will be charged at the time of sign-up.

Payment Options

All payments must be submitted in US dollars. You may pay with MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Pay Pal though our website. To pay by check, please make the check payable to Extreme Expeditions Northwest, LLC and mail it to Extreme Expeditions Northwest, 9116 E. Sprague Avenue, No. 285 Spokane Valley, Washington 99206.

You can also pay by credit or with debit card, PayPal or via bank transfer. For Bank details please contact the Extreme Expeditions Northwest, LLC office at 1-509-593-3234. You may wish to consider starting an Expedition Fund. Note: All Expedition Fund donations are non-refundable. Any Expedition Fund donation not used toward an expedition within three years will be considered a donation to Extreme Expeditions Northwest, LLC.

Additional Donations

Additional donations made via our online sign-up form are welcome charitable gifts made directly to Extreme Expeditions Northwest, LLC in support of the Bigfoot Research and Investigation. These additional donations are not intended to be used for the expedition payment and are completely nonrefundable.

Cancellation by Extreme Expeditions Northwest and Refund Policy

On rare occasions, your expedition may be canceled by Extreme Expeditions Northwest, LLC. This usually occurs if the expedition does not meet the minimum number of “sponsorships” required. If Extreme Expeditions Northwest, LLC cancels your expedition for this reason or for any other reason within Extreme Expeditions Northwest, LLC's control, we will refund 100% of what you have paid at the time of cancellation.

Extreme Expeditions Northwest, LLC can take no responsibility for any cancellation or amendment penalties that your travel company may charge you if you have to change your travel plans as a result of cancellation by Extreme Expeditions Northwest, LLC. Your travel arrangements are subject to the terms and conditions of the travel company through which you booked your travel. We strongly advise you to purchase Trip Cancellation insurance.

Cancellation by Sponsor and Refund Policy

If you wish to cancel your expedition place please inform Extreme Expeditions Northwest, LLC as soon as possible. Your cancellation will be confirmed with an email from Extreme Expeditions Northwest, LLC; you should not consider your expedition canceled until you have received this confirmation.

If you cancel less than 30 days before your expedition start date, Extreme Expeditions Northwest, LLC will retain 100% of your sponsorship. If you cancel 60 days or more before your expedition start date, your balance payment will be refunded, but your nonrefundable deposit* will be retained by Extreme Expeditions Northwest, LLC. If you used a promotional offer when registering for your expedition, your “sponsorship: is subject to the terms and conditions of that offer. It is your responsibility to ensure you understand any such terms prior to signing up.

Note: Any funds retained due to cancellation will support Bigfoot field research and are considered a charitable donation to Extreme Expeditions Northwest, LLC. Additional donations made above the minimum sponsorship are also nonrefundable and nontransferable and are considered a charitable gift to Extreme Expeditions Northwest, LLC.


Each country has a different set of tax rulings.

Expedition Briefing

The Expedition Briefing contains vital information about the expedition you will be joining, such as the expedition activities, physical requirements, risks, dangers, and packing list and safety information. Please read it thoroughly, well in advance of fielding.

Expedition Briefings will be available through your My Extreme Expeditions Northwest, LLC portal on our website as soon as it is complete. Extreme Expeditions Northwest, LLC works hard to update each expedition briefing every year, and we make every effort to have the updated briefing ready approximately 30 days before the start date of the of the expedition.

Please remember that Extreme Expeditions Northwest, LLC’s expeditions are extreme outdoor adventure and research expeditions, not tours or holidays. Extreme Expeditions Northwest, LLC makes every effort to describe field conditions accurately both in its publications and orally, but fieldwork in remote locations is a delicate business and prone to last-minute change. Sponsors must accept this as part of what makes an Extreme Expeditions Northwest, LLC a special experience.


Please be sure that you are clear about the physical demands of the expedition BEFORE you register, as some expeditions are more strenuous than others. It is your responsibility to review the expedition’s conditions and physical demands as described on our website and in the project briefing (described above) and determine if you are able to safely participate in the expedition. Discuss your participation in this expedition with your doctor if you have a question or concern about your health and/or ability to participate. Extreme Expeditions Northwest, LLC reserves the right to require that a doctor approve your participation on a project. If you are 80 years of age or older, or will be prior to departure for your expedition, a doctor´s signature is required.

Arranging Travel

Sponsors need to book their own travel to and from the expedition’s designated rendezvous point and time as stated in the expedition briefing. We recommend that you purchase adequate travel insurance and tickets that are refundable or exchangeable, bearing in mind that there is always a slim possibility that expedition dates or rendezvous times might change. Travel insurance can also be very beneficial in the event of an Extreme Expeditions Northwest, LLC or your cancellation.

Visas and Passports

Sponsors are responsible for making sure their passports are up to date and for securing any necessary visas. In many cases, your passport must be valid for a minimum of six months beyond your stay in the country you are visiting. Our expedition may be based in a country for which you need a visa or you may also need a visa to travel through a country en route to your expedition. If you are unsure about the applicable requirements, check with your travel company, the relevant embassy or consulate, or the U.S. Department of State's travel website, which lists entry requirements for U.S. citizens by country.

If you do have to apply for a visa for your expedition, always ask for a tourist visa (unless stated otherwise in the expedition briefing). Remember that the purpose of your visit is for vacation, holiday or travel. Immigration officials do not always understand the concept of a “working vacation,” or even “volunteering.” Words such as “working,” “volunteering,” “research” or “scientific expedition” can raise questions concerning the country’s foreign labor laws and/or prompt questions about official scientific research permits and credentials, etc., to which volunteers will not be equipped to respond on their own. All required research permits for the project are in place and have been approved by the proper authorities.

Obtaining a visa can take weeks or even months so be sure to allow plenty of time. We strongly recommend using a visa agency, which can both expedite and simplify the process.
Travelers Under 18 Years of Age

In an effort to prevent international child abduction, many governments have procedures at entry and exit points to protect minors. Thus, if a minor will be traveling with only one guardian or alone, he or she may need a notarized letter from all legal guardians stating that the minor may travel unaccompanied or in the presence of a single guardian. Check with your nearest embassy or consulate of the destination country for its requirements. Be sure to check with your airline as well because most carriers have their own policies and documentation requirements for unaccompanied minors, e.g., a birth certificate.

Important: Requirements of specific countries and airlines vary and change frequently. You must keep informed of the requirements on your own to avoid problems at immigration. If the minor is refused entry into a country or onto a flight because of lack of documentation, there may be nothing Extreme Expeditions Northwest can do to help.

Vaccinations & Medical decisions are the responsibility of each sponsor and decisions about which vaccinations to receive should be made between you and your doctor. Health conditions around the world are constantly changing, so keep informed and consult your physician, a local travel health clinic, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and/or The World Health Organization for the latest health information for travelers.

For a question, please call the Extreme Expeditions Northwest, LLC office at 1-509-593-3234 or email